Name もね MONE
Age 25
Measurements T158cm B86(C) W58 H86
Languages Japanese Only
MONE straightforward personality without any rubbing, her sensual beauty, her carefree smile and her well-organized beauty. The finest smile she shows. It seems that it gives more brilliance that will change the future of Japan, rather than energizing people. She is a type of service girl who is devoted to men because she is so naughty that you can not imagine from her appearance. The crisp body line trained in her dance is very provocative and her naughty heart is instantly stimulated by her climax with an adrenaline boil and just thank you for meeting her. prize. It goes without saying that clean, silky hair and too smooth, smooth skin can only be produced at a young and precious time❤
7/19(金)7/20(土)7/21(日)7/22(月) 7/23(火)7/24(水)7/25(木)